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HOW PICKING A STOCKBROKER Stockbrokers come in many shapes and sizes. Some act as nothing more than a tool to receive the independent chimp’s stock orders. Others play a very active role in the investment strategy of their clients. Still others act as salespeople and can become very obnoxious and pushy. Deciding what kind of broker is right for you can be a difficult undertaking, especially if you have no prior investing experience. Should you get an electronic broker first or wait a while? Do you want investment advice and stock ratings from your broker? Perhaps the two most important considerations are what makes you comfortable and what seems the most convenient. Don’t be discouraged if your first broker or even your first several brokers don’t work out. Be careful whom you pick to help you invest your hard-earned banana. IF YOU’RE READY TO TRADE   So you’ve decided you’re ready to trade. You’ve got some risk capital, you’ve got some knowledge, and now y