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WILLIAM % R The William %R indicator was developed by Larry Williams. This is almost similar to stochastic oscillator except for a negative scale. The William %R indicator always moves between zero and minus hundred (-100). Interpretation of William %R Indicator : Most popularly stochastic indicator is used in two ways : A. To define overbought and oversold zone- Generally William % R reading between 0 and -20 are considered overbought and William % R reading between -80 to -100 are considered oversold. It basically suggests that • One should book profit in buy side positions and should avoid new buy side positions in an overbought zone. • One should book profit in sell side positions and should avoid new sell side positions in an oversold zone. It is clearly visible that in most of the cases prices have corrected from overbought zone and similarly prices have rallied from  oversold zone. B. Look for Divergences- Divergences are of two types i.