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DAY TRADING FOR INVESTORS It takes a special person to be a day trader — one who has quick reflexes, a  strong stomach, and a short-term perspective on the markets. Not every one’s meant to parcel out their workdays a minute at a time. Most people do  better with a long-term perspective on their finances, looking to match their  investments with their goals and thinking about their investment perfor mance over months or years rather than right now. But those patient long-term investors can learn a thing or two from the fre netic day trader, and that’s what this chapter is all about. Many day-trading  techniques can help swing traders, position traders, and investors — people  who hold positions for days, months, or even decades — improve their  returns and make smarter decisions when it comes time to buy or sell. Let’s face it: In theory, investors might be willing to wait forever to see great  stock picks play out, but in reality, they only have so much time and mone