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THE OPTIONS COURSE- How to Spot Explosive Opportunities

THE OPTIONS COURSE How to Spot  Explosive  Opportunities L ocating exceptional investment opportunities is the key to suc cessful trading. The main objective is to discover opportunities  that: • Meet all the criteria for a good investment. • Use your investment capital in the most efficient manner. • Produce substantial returns in a relatively short period of time. Throughout the years I have been investing and trading, I have thought  of myself as being fairly successful, while in the eyes of others, I have been  perceived as extremely successful. However, contrary to popular belief, I  know that deep down inside I still have more room to grow. Over the past  few years, I have been able to accelerate my profitability by being patient  (as much as I could be) and by being selective when I made an investment. I have to admit that I love the day-to-day excitement and the financial  rewards of trading. However, I make a great deal more money by looking  for o


CHANNEL STRATEGY Channel trading is less exotic but nevertheless works very well with currencies. The primary reason is because currencies rarely spend much time in tight trading ranges and have the tendency to develop strong trends. By just going through a few charts, traders can see that channels can easily be identified and occur frequently. A common scenario would be channel trading during the Asian session and a breakout in either the London or the U.S. session. There are many instances where economic releases are triggers for a break of the channel. Therefore it is imperative that traders keep on top of economic releases. If a channel has formed, a big U.S. number is expected to be released, and the currency pair is at the top of a channel, the probability of a breakout is high, so traders should be looking to buy the breakout, not fade it.  Channels are created when we draw a trend line and then draw a line that is parallel to the trend line. Most if not all of the pri