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Parametric Optimal f on the Normal Distribution- THE BASICS OF PROBABILITY DISTRIBUTIONS

Parametric Optimal f on the  Normal Distribution THE BASICS OF PROBABILITY DISTRIBUTIONS Imagine if you will that you are at a racetrack and you want to keep  a log of the position in which the horses in a race finish. Specifically,  you want to record whether the horse in the pole position came in first,  second, and so on for each race of the day. You will only record ten  places. If the horse came in worse than in tenth place, you will record it  as a tenth-place finish. If you do this for a number of days, you will have  gathered enough data to see the distribution of finishing positions for a  horse starting out in the pole position. Now you take your data and plot  it on a graph. The horizontal axis represents where the horse finished,  with the far left being the worst finishing position (tenth) and the far  right being a win. The vertical axis will record how many times the pole  position horse finished in the position noted on the horizontal axis. You  would b