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THE OPTIONS COURSE- Options Trading: A Primer

THE OPTIONS COURSE Options  Trading:  A Primer T rading is an elusive beast to the uninitiated, filled with mystery and  complexity. Although trillions of dollars’ worth of stocks, futures,  and options change hands every day, learning to trade is a compli cated puzzle that takes patience and perseverance to navigate effectively.  Perhaps you have a friend who has made money or know other friends  who have lost money playing the markets. Learning to trade can be the be ginning of an exciting new career, especially if you master combining op tions with futures and stocks. Many years of teaching and trading have taught me that the most suc cessful investors are those who do not think of trading as work, but as play.  Obviously, a love affair with anything you do will increase your chances of  success dramatically. Perhaps that’s why I like to call what I do “grown-up  Nintendo.” Making money is just a natural consequence of my daily play. My systematic approach to tr