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THE OPTIONS COURSE- Mastering the Market

THE OPTIONS COURSE Mastering  the  Market Rising interest rates,  comments from the Federal Reserve, and economic reports can all  cause changes in the economic outlook, which can cause stock prices to  move sharply higher or lower. When one examines the economic outlook  in order to make investment decisions, it is known as a top-down ap proach to investing.  Some traders prefer to take a bottom-up approach. In this case, you  are more concerned about the individual investment. For example, you  might start by studying an individual company and understand its details before making a decision. We want to  help you identify the fundamentals of profitable investment. You will have  to decide, probably by trial and error, which of the many analytical tech niques and market-forecasting methods work well for you. I find many in vestment tactics to be irrelevant to profit making, preferring to use  strategies that are non directional in nature. However, there are a few b


THE OPTIONS COURSE Introduction Options are one of the most profitable tools available to traders to  day. They offer traders the ability to leverage positions, manage  risk, and enhance returns on existing portfolios. To those who  choose to trade options, this book provides the practical knowledge—  from basic concepts to sophisticated techniques—necessary for success ful options trading. It is designed to provide novice and intermediate  traders with methods and strategies that will enhance profits and manage  risk more effectively. The investment world has gone through amazing gyrations since the  first edition of The Options Course was released back in 1998. We have  lived through the boom of the Internet along with the subsequent bust—  when the dot-com became the dot-bomb. During this period, fortunes  were made and lost virtually overnight. Traders who made money so fast  they didn’t know what to do with it turned around and lost it so fast it  made their heads