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THE OPTIONS COURSE- Choosing the Right Broker

THE OPTIONS COURSE Choosing  the Right  Broker Selecting the right broker and placing orders correctly are essential  elements in your development as a successful trader. In the begin ning, the entire process may seem quite complex and perhaps more  complicated than you thought. Don’t waste time worrying about all the dif ferent issues involved. It all boils down to one intention: You contact your  broker and explain to him or her what you want to do. That’s it.  However, it is important to realize that each step leaves room for error  to occur.  You can’t control all the steps, because once you place your order  the rest of the process is handled by your brokerage firm and the ex changes. At the same time, however, you can control which broker you’ve  selected to help you. Remember, a good broker is an asset and a bad bro ker is a liability. It is vital to take the selection process very seriously be cause you don’t want your broker to make you broker!  A ma