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THE OPTIONS COURSE OPTION CHAINS In order to view the various option prices at any given point in time,  traders often use a tool known as option chains. Not only do option  chains offer the current market prices for a series of options, they also tell  of an option’s liquidity, the available strike prices for the option contract,  and the expiration months. In fact, option chains are so important that  many brokerage firms offer them to their clients with real-time updates.  At the same time, while chains can be extremely helpful tools to the options  trader, they are also fairly easy to understand and use.  Today, option chains are readily found. Not long ago, they were avail able mostly to brokerage firms and other professional investors.  Now,  however, individual investors can go to a number of web sites and find op tion chains. Most online brokerage firms provide them, as do several  options-related web sites. For instance,  pulling up an option chain for any