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OPEN HIGH LOW STRATEGY  IN DAY TRADING This is a very popular Intraday Open High Low Strategy with pretty good Accuracy. In this strategy, Buy signal is generated when a Stock or Index has same value for Open and Low, while Sell signal is generated when it has same value for Open and High.   The open high low same strategy is quite popular among Indian stock traders. In fact, I am watching this strategy for 6-7 years now and this is really easy to follow strategy for even novice traders. This strategy works well in all liquid scrips but I suggest you follow only Nifty 50 stocks with this strategy. To be successful in Intraday trading having a tried and tested strategy is very important. The open high low strategy is one of the famous strategies which has high accuracy, many people use this strategy on a day to day basis. Selecting stocks plays a major role in intraday trading, there are various strategies to select stocks for day trading. w