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Parametric Techniques on Other Distributions- USING THE PARAMETERS TO FIND OPTIMAL F

Parametric Techniques on Other Distributions USING THE PARAMETERS TO FIND OPTIMAL F Now that we have found the best-fitting parameter values, we can  find the optimal f on this distribution. We can take the same procedure  we used to find the optimal f on the Normal Distribution . The only difference now is that the associated probabili ties for each standard value (X value) are calculated per the procedure . With the Normal Distribution,  we find our associated probabilities column  by using equation. Here, to find our  associated probabilities, we must follow the procedure detailed previ ously: 1. For a given standard value, X, we figure its corresponding N'(X) . 2. For each standard value, we also have the interim step of keeping a  running sum of the N'(X) 's corresponding to each value of X. 3. Now, to find N(X), the resultant probability for a given X, add  together the running sum corresponding to the X value with the running  sum corresponding