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THE OPTIONS COURSE- Processing Your Trade

THE OPTIONS COURSE Processing  Your  Trade Most investors never realize the number of steps required for a trade  to occur and the incredible speed involved. Technology has made  this process almost unnoticeable to the average investor. When  you contact your stock or futures broker, you begin a process that, in  many cases, can be completed in 10 seconds or less, depending on the type  of trade you want to execute. There are various types of orders that are  placed between customers and brokerage firms. The faster technology be comes, the faster a trader’s order gets filled. Let’s take a closer look at  what happens when you place an order. EXCHANGES Stocks, futures, and options are traded on organized exchanges through out the world, 24 hours a day. These exchanges establish rules and proce dures that foster a safe and fair method of determining the price of a  security. They also provide an arena for the trading of securities. Over the  years, the various