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THE OPTIONS COURSE- Watch Television with an Investor’s Eye

THE OPTIONS COURSE Watch Television with an Investor’s Eye Television is one of the best sources of beneficial investment ideas.  Commercials can give you a greater awareness as to who is doing what,  and who is competing with whom. Television is not just a source of daily  entertainment; it is an exceptional medium for distributing information  to the masses, much of which is useful for spotting investment opportu nities. Specifically, you should watch commercials to discover which  products you see over and over again and which products have been  newly introduced.  However, you can also use this powerful medium in other ways.  CNBC and CNN Business are shown in many areas on cable. These are the  primary channels watched by traders and investors throughout the trad ing day.  CNBC was born from the Financial News Network (FNN), which  was watched widely by the investment community. Before, during, and af ter trading hours, CNBC broadcasts market information on ma