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Buy 'Em Out- Introduction

Buy 'Em Out Introduction What I've hopefully established by now is that selling LEAP puts can be controlled for  risk, thus reducing financial exposure to levels well within acceptable limits. So far, the  only thing we've done with the premiums generated has been to invest them in money  market funds and watch them grow at 6 percent a year. But as the title of this book  suggests, I have in mind a better use of the premiums received, which is to use them to  acquire additional shares of stock in my favorite companies. Your list of favorite companies is certainly not going to coincide with my list; in fact, it  is safe to say that no two people reading this book will have the same set of pet stocks. In  view of this, what I propose to do is to take the premiums generated and use them to  cover the costs of any high-quality stocks from among the list of companies  that were assigned because the LEAP puts wound up in the money by the expiration  date. Pr