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                                                            INTRODUCTION     In this chapter we discuss about the history of japanese candlestick technical analysis evolved. For those who are in a rush to get to the "meat" of the book (that is, the techniques and uses of candlesticks), you can skip this chapter, or return to it after you have completed the rest of the book. It is an intriguing history.               Among the first and the most famous people in Japan to use past prices to predict future price movements was the legendary Munehisa Homma.  Munehisa homma                                                   1 He amassed a huge fortune trading in the rice market during the 1700s. Before I discuss Homma, I want to provide an overview of the economic background in which Homma was able to flourish. The time span of this overview is from the late 1500s to the mid-1700s. During this era Japan went from 60 provinces to a unified country where com