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BECOMING A BETTER TRADER      I will help you become a better trader; in particular by helping you better understand your trading psychology. Think of me as a kind of trading “mentor,” and let’s start there by underlining the importance of having a mentor.  Human beings tend to perform to the level of the people they interact with most often. If you hang out with a bunch of bums day in and day out, there’s no question that you’re going to become a bum. Similarly, it has been proven that your wealth is closely tied to the people you spend the majority of your time with. The same holds true in trading and investing. As I briefly touched upon earlier in the book: in 2003 I was lucky enough to stumble upon a now-defunct Yahoo! trading group led by “Lizard King” and “Revshark.”  I was immediately impressed by the quality of posts in the forum. Perhaps a dozen or so of the traders appeared to be seasoned veterans with vast trading experience. I immediately set