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THE OPTIONS COURSE- A Short Course in Economic Analyses

THE OPTIONS COURSE A Short Course  in Economic  Analyses The global financial marketplace strikes a delicate balance between a  vast network of business interests. Fascinating events in one area of  the global economy, such as energy prices, can trigger a reaction in  other markets, like bonds, and the ripple effect can spread to other com modities and stocks. With technology helping to speed up the decision- making process and allowing traders to execute trades at the speed of  light, capital can and often does shift from one country’s financial markets  to the next. All of this movement in money and investments securities is  often based on international events, the global economy, and the outlook  for various financial markets around the world. Understanding the relationship among stocks, bonds, and economic  events helps traders to obtain a better understanding of what is happen ing in the world, the daily movements in the financial markets as well as  the long-te