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MANAGING THE STRESS OF THE MARKETS Day trading can be a ruthless business. Some days, you don’t find any  trades worth making. Other days, you find trades, but they don’t work  out the way you want them to. And some days, there are too many good  trades, more than you can possibly make, and so you watch profitable oppor tunities slip away. When you’re working with real money, it can be too much  to take. In a money management or brokerage firm, traders have tremendous cama raderie. They are working for the same employer and need to stick together  to blow off the stress. What do you do at home, though? How do you keep  from panicking, getting depressed, or otherwise letting this business hurt  your profits and hurt you? If you’re going to day trade, you need to understand the very real physical  and psychological stresses that the market pushes on its participants. In this  chapter, I offer some information and advice that can help you avoid a crisis. First, t