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TEN GOOD REASONS TO DAY TRADE Day trading is a great career option for the right person in the right cir cumstances. It requires a strong, decisive personality who wants to be  running the show every step of the way, from backing up the PCs to collect ing all the profits. And good day traders have some financial cushion and  good personal support systems to get them through the tough times. Think you have what it takes?  Are you ready to go into business for yourself as a day trader? See how many  of these characteristics fit your life right now. You Love Being Independent Day trading is like owning any small business. You’re the boss and you call  the shots. Each day’s successes — and failures — are due to you and you  alone. Most likely, you’re working by yourself all day, so you’re responsible  for everything from the temperature in the office, to the functioning of the  computers, to the accounting for trades. Good day traders are independent. They don’t