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SETTING UP YOUR ACCOUNTS AND OFFICE Day trading is possible only because technology costs have come down  dramatically over the years. That makes it feasible to set up shop in the  comfort of your home. But remember: This is a home business, so you do  need to set up for it. Sure, some days you can sit and trade from your laptop in a coffee shop, but  to end up doing that well, you first need to commit to the space and the equip ment at home. If you skimp on your Internet connection, for example, you can’t  be upset if it’s unable to handle the data on a big market day. If your PC goes  down, you’d better have a way to get it back up fast if you have open positions.  And if the responsibility seems overwhelming, maybe you should look for a  trading arcade — an office space for traders — and move your operation there. I list different brokers that handle day traders, go over the basics  of your office setup, and give you some advice on finding a trading arcade. Choo