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RESEARCH AND TRADING SERVICES Day trading is big business with big profits, but those profits don’t always  accrue to the day trader. Instead, many a day trader has spent money  on training services, software, newsletters, and coaching, only to find that in  the real world, the trader can’t make enough money to make a living, let  alone cover all these costs. Why does that happen? It could very well be because the trader isn’t cut  out for day trading in the first place. Day trading isn’t for everyone. In other  cases, though, the trader failed to do good research before plunking down  the cold cash for training in a system that just wasn’t very good. You’ve already plunked down $24.99 for Day Trading For Dummies. Consider  that an investment! I cover some of the different services that  day traders might want to buy and give you advice on how to determine  which ones are worthwhile and which are not. The Trade of Trading As much as I wish that Day Trading