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HAMMER CANDLESTICKS PATTERN    ONE CANDLESTICK PATTERN In the terminology of Japanese candlesticks, one candle patterns are known as “Umbrella lines”. There are two types of umbrella lines - the hanging man and the hammer. They have long lower shadows and small real bodies that are at top of the trading range for the session. They are the simplest lines because they do not necessarily have to be spotted in combination with other candles to have some validity. 1.Hammer Hammer is a one candle pattern that occurs in a downtrend when bulls make a start to step into the rally. It is so named because it hammers out the bottom. The lower shadow of hammer is minimum of twice the length of body. Although, the color of the body is not of much significance but a white candle shows slightly more bullish implications than the black body. A positive day i.e. a white candle is required the next day to confirm this signal. Formation 1. The lowe