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MARKET INDICATORS AND DAY TRADING STRATEGIES Day traders put their research to work through a range of different strategies. All strategies have two things in common: They are designed to make money, and they are designed to work in a single day. And the best ones help traders cut through the psychology of the market. Although some trading is handled through automatic algorithms and other programs that place orders whenever certain conditions take place, the vast majority of trading takes place between human beings, who want to make money, in markets where short-term profit potentials can be very small. As much as they want to be dispassionate, traders are going to get sucked into hope, fear, and greed: the three emotions that ruin people every day. To complicate matters, many markets, such as options and futures, are zero-sum markets, meaning that there is a loser for every winner. Some markets, such  as the stock market, have a positive bias, meaning that there a