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THE OPTIONS COURSE- Mastering the Market

THE OPTIONS COURSE Mastering  the  Market Rising interest rates,  comments from the Federal Reserve, and economic reports can all  cause changes in the economic outlook, which can cause stock prices to  move sharply higher or lower. When one examines the economic outlook  in order to make investment decisions, it is known as a top-down ap proach to investing.  Some traders prefer to take a bottom-up approach. In this case, you  are more concerned about the individual investment. For example, you  might start by studying an individual company and understand its details before making a decision. We want to  help you identify the fundamentals of profitable investment. You will have  to decide, probably by trial and error, which of the many analytical tech niques and market-forecasting methods work well for you. I find many in vestment tactics to be irrelevant to profit making, preferring to use  strategies that are non directional in nature. However, there are a few b

THE OPTIONS COURSE- Basic Trading Strategies

THE OPTIONS COURSE Basic  Trading  Strategies Trading is a diverse activity that encompasses a wide variety of analy sis techniques and innovative approaches. The optimal approach for  you requires an assessment of both your time availability and your  risk tolerance. Once these factors are determined, you’re ready to special ize in those techniques that fit your parameters. There are three fundamen tal approaches on which all trading strategies are based: strategic trades,  long-term trades, and delta neutral trades. Each has its own set of condi tions and rules that foster a unique trading style. Strategic trades are typically short-term trading opportunities geared  especially for day traders and short-term traders who have the opportunity  to monitor the markets very closely each day. Strategic trades are specific  to certain markets and may be driven by economic data or events. Many  strategic traders use the Standard & Poor’s 500 as the key index on which  t