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  BEARISH HARAMI CANDLESTICK PATTERN In up trends, the harami consists of a large green candle followed by a small green or red candle (usually red) that is within the previous session’s large real body. Description                Bearish Harami is a two candlestick pattern composed of small red real body contained within a prior relatively long green real body. The body of the first candle is the same color as that of the current trend. The open and the close occur inside the open and the close of the previous day. Its presence indicates that the trend is over. Criteria 1. The first candle is green in color; the body of the second candle is red. 2. The second day opens lower than the close of the previous day and closes higher than the open of the prior day. 3. For a reversal signal, confirmation is needed. The next day should show weakness. 4. The uptrend has been apparent. A long green candle occurs at the end o