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MARUBOZU CANDLESTICK In Japanese, the term marubozu means "close-cropped." Other common names for the marubozu include "shaven head" or "shaven bottom." Typically, the marubozu is a long candle that implies the day's trading range has been large. A marubozu candle lacks either an upper or lower shadow. On rare occasions it can lack both an upper or lower shadow. I am going to add a new term to candlestick terminology and call a long candle without either an upper or lower shadow a "full" marubozu.                                                                           If you spend a lot of time at the trading screen, then you probably realize that a full marubozu is a very unlikely occurrence. Even after a strong up gap, most stocks experience a minor reversal, which leaves a small lower shadow. The same is true for the down gap. In addition, if a stock has moved sharply higher during the day,